Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Barbara Dancing the Cosmic Tides

I created this Fabric Art Piece for a friend that is being challenged with cancer.
The finished work is 14" x 14", quilting, embroidery and bead work.
I had a dream and in this vision Barbara is the Ankh with her face as the Crown Chakra, she has pyrope garnets on her hands and feet and in her heart and she is dancing through the Milky Way and the cosmos.

I see the symbolism this way:
·         ANKH:  A symbol of everlasting life, of power, wisdom and great strength.
·         CROWN CHAKRA:  The lotus flower for pure consciousness, the cosmic consciousness center.  Violet is made from Red (matter) and Blue (spirit).
·         PYROPE GARNET:  Bestows vitality and charisma, and promotes an excellent quality of life.

In every stitch, there is a prayer with love and a wish for quality of life.

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