Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Arles, France

I am trying to get back into the Daily Painting Routine! 
So I am starting with this months, Virtual Paintout challenge, Arles, France.  I am starting up slow so I did this in my Strathmore Journal with Sharpie & Colored Pencils.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wildcat Lake, Banner Elk, North Carolina

The Guys wanted to fish Wildcat Lake, so I let them have at it.  The colors were awesome so I drew this picture using a sharpie and colored pencils.  Daniel caught one of the largest Rainbow Trouts I have ever seen!  Catch and Release.....

Banner Elk Park, North Carolina

We took a trip up to Boone, North Carolina in October.  The colors were just fantastic.  The boys wanted to fish so we drove up to Banner Elk Park.
Daniel caught the first fish, a brown trout, very beautiful.  He let it go!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Matt's Quilt "Arkansas Crossroads"

For my son, Matt's 30th Birthday, I made him a King Sized quilt.
106 x 114 inches.
This is an "Arkansas Crossroads" pattern.
We are talking about a Kazzillion Points!  :-))
Here is a close up of the pattern.  Squares, on squares with crosses.
And did I mention, a Bazzillion Points to match.
Well anyway I think Matt really loves his Quilt.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Button Blanket - Dragonfly 58x70

Over the last few month I have been making a Dragonfly Button Blanket for my mother, Anne.
I presented it to her at our yearly women's retreat in California, she had no idea that I was making it for her so she was thoroughly surprised!  I wrote up the journey of this blanket and you can read it here...Dragonfly Button Blanket.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ball Game

Went to a Baseball Game in March, came home with all the paper-stuff and made a Collage in my Journal of cource  :-))!
Take me out to the Ball Game!

Inner Goddess

Inner Goddess, Well this is me!
Yep Journal again!


I read this article in Heatlth & Spiriturality about Barefoot Healing I called it Earthing so I did this Journal entry.

Dragonfly Pin

Rose sent me this beautiful Dragonfly pin for my Birthday, I made a page in my Journal so here it is. I know I haven't done much in the Journal this year but I am trying to improve!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Anwara Khatoon - Amma (Mother)

My Friend Steffy Bushra Khan, sent me a photo of her mother -in-law, Anwara Khatoon, whom they call Amma, which means "Mother". A very beautiful and much loved person who lives in Bangledesh. I did my best to paint her, she is far more beautiful than my skill allowed.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring in my Medicine Garden

This past winter was really hard on the plants in south Florida. We had so many below freezing nights in a row that I lost many of my perennials as well as small trees, like the baby Royal Poinciana I put in two years ago. So I cleaned everything up and cut back plants I thought would make it. I went to a local nursery and got a few new plants, while I wait a few weeks to see what survives and what I will have to replace. I will water and meditate and enjoy watching the new chutes of growth.

Fabric Lunch Bag and Place Mat

I made this Fabric Lunch Bag and Place Mat for my friend Kathy. She always brought her lunch to work in an old paper bag so I thought she could now bring her lunch in style!

The Place Matt has a tab to hold napkin and utensils.

The bag has a reinforced bottom, inner pocket, and ties to keep drink bottles in place.

I even make my own design labels.

"Sounding Woman Designs"

Friday, February 18, 2011

I can't believe it is already February of 2011

Work has definitely gotten in the way of my fun and my creative endeavors! I have started to clean up my studio to get ready for the next art work. So I will lovingly go through my art and sewing supplies and get myself organized. This might take a while! But I am itching to get working on art so I am hoping for the studio cleaning elves to show up this weekend!