Friday, April 8, 2011

Anwara Khatoon - Amma (Mother)

My Friend Steffy Bushra Khan, sent me a photo of her mother -in-law, Anwara Khatoon, whom they call Amma, which means "Mother". A very beautiful and much loved person who lives in Bangledesh. I did my best to paint her, she is far more beautiful than my skill allowed.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring in my Medicine Garden

This past winter was really hard on the plants in south Florida. We had so many below freezing nights in a row that I lost many of my perennials as well as small trees, like the baby Royal Poinciana I put in two years ago. So I cleaned everything up and cut back plants I thought would make it. I went to a local nursery and got a few new plants, while I wait a few weeks to see what survives and what I will have to replace. I will water and meditate and enjoy watching the new chutes of growth.

Fabric Lunch Bag and Place Mat

I made this Fabric Lunch Bag and Place Mat for my friend Kathy. She always brought her lunch to work in an old paper bag so I thought she could now bring her lunch in style!

The Place Matt has a tab to hold napkin and utensils.

The bag has a reinforced bottom, inner pocket, and ties to keep drink bottles in place.

I even make my own design labels.

"Sounding Woman Designs"