Friday, August 28, 2009

EDM235 Draw a Butterfly

I saw a photo of this Butterfly in a Magazine on Endangered Flora and Fauna that I get because I support things like the national resources defense council. I thought I would try covering an open spread in my journal using crayons as a resist, and watercolors and micron pens. I am pretty happy with the results, though I need more practice with watercolors.

Colorado River Drought

I am trying to get back into writing in my journal, so here is one of my first attempts. I saw this article on how the Colorado River supplies delivered to Southern California have been reduced by as much as half because of the record dry conditions for eight of the last nine years! I tried a new way of doing this, I put the watercolor down first and when it was dry I went back and added the details with Micron Pens.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sun Flowers

My sister Barbara came to visit me in Florida and we did art. We had a great time setting up our still lifes and getting the lighting just so. We got new Hand-Book Travelogue Journals at Jerry's Artarama along with a new travel watercolor kit for me! :-) Cathie's Sun Flowers

Barbara's sunflowers


My Sister Barbara Came to visit me here in Florida and I got her to do some are with me! The First Painting is mine, the second painting is hers.

Cathies Feathers

Barbara's feathers

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sanaiy Carpets, Chelsea, London

This is my submission for the Virtual Paintout challenge. This is very cool! The city this month was London, England. You go to Google Maps and let the little yellow guy walk you through the streets until you find something interesting. So there you have it. Sanaiy Carpets caught my eye because of the lady looking in the window with the stroller, and the Starbucks Coffee with people sitting street side enjoying cafĂ©. I went to Jerry’s Artarama and got new Watercolor paints, and gave it my best shot. I know I need more practice!

Monday, August 10, 2009

San Francisco Street

July was not a great month for art for me. So I decided to start small with the current DSDF challenge of a of San Francisco street scene. I have been working mostly with acrylics lately so I got out an old watercolor set. It was so old that the tubes were harder than hockey pucks, so I squeezed out what I could and mixed what colors I could. I believe a trip to Jerry’s Artarama is in order! I have never been very comfortable with watercolors they are SO unforgiving! But I think I will get a basic set and try my hand at it again. I looked at some of the work by Danny Gregory and got inspired. Hope it rubs off on my Journal. :-)