Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cat and Mouse

I made this quilt "Cat and Mouse" for a competition from the Missouri Star Quilt Company , called "The Next Iron Quilter-2",  You had to use a charm pack, from the fabric line "Lovely". The competition deadline was November 30th.  I hand appliqued the Cats and Mice, Machine quilted the quilt and hand embroidered the details on Cats and Mice, the finished size is 42x60.  All the quilts are on view here if you like mine, click on the +1 symbol.
This might give you a link to my quilt lets see...Cat and Mouse.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pinwheel 94x84

On my quest of using up fabrics from my stash I made this pinwheel quilt, made with 6 inch squares that you sew together right sides together then cut in half to make the half triangle blocks.  Then there is the  puzzle of arranging the blocks so hopefully there are no same fabrics touching.  I really like the old school look of this one.
     I look at my quilt cabinet, and darnit, I think that the fabric breeds, it looks just the same only a bit more organized.  I guess scrap quilts are still in my future!

Puzzle Pieces 44x54

I am on a quest to use up fabrics in my stash.  I have all of these fat quarters (18x21 pieces), and have had some of them for decades!  So I chose this pattern to use up about 24 fat quarters.  I machine quilted this one using a different stitch in each puzzle piece.  I felt more comfortable with free motion quilting by the time I was finished.  I made a pieced bias border using up more scraps!

Handmade Journal

At my quilting group called the "UFO Club" (Unfinished Objects), I showed the gals one of my handmade journals, and right away, two comissioned me to make journals for them.  This one Kimmie, picked out her fabrics and I picked out the beads and button.  I use strathmoore drawing paper and hand bound the journal.

Christmas Tree Skirt 50x50

I started this Christmas Tree Skirt in December of 2012, but didn't get it finished until just after New Years 2013.  I machine quilted this one myself, using a stippling design.  Well at least I am ready for Christmas this year!

Happy Halloween 42x38

I got this charm pack (42 - 5 inch squares) of Halloween fabric, and found some black solid in my stash.  I put this together and Machine quilted it with a spider web design, and embroidered a spider in the center of the web.  What fun!

The Gifts of Spring 76x83

I took a class in October 2012, that used a layer cake (42 - 10 inch squares).  I didn't have a layer cake, so I went into my stash and found different fabrics and cut my own 10 inch squares.  The pattern is called "The Cut Up".  I had fabric left over so I decided to make a piano border.

Mystery Quilt "Shadow Boxes" 72x57

I took this "Mystery " quilt class in August 2012.  We were told how much of each fabric to get.     1 print, 1 dark, 1 medium, and 2 lights.  Then we were told how to cut each fabric.  The day of the class we are told one step at a time how to assemble the quilt, and we didn't know what the finished product would look like until half way through the day, hence the "Mystery".  Lots of fun!

Whoopsy Daisy 50x66

This Quilt is called Whoopsy Daisy, Machine Applique, piecing, and quilted all by Me!
I took this class back in May of 2012, at Buttonwood Quilt Shop. It took me about two weeks to finish it.  And almost a year to photograph it.