Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Meadow Life Wall Hanging

I made this quilt/wall hanging for a challenge at the local quilt shop Buttonwood Quilts in Greenacres, Florida.The challenge was to purchase two yards of Northcott Solid Fabrics, I got eight different colors of fat quarts, we could use as much or as little of the solids.  I finished this project in three weeks.  Hours of design work, machine applique, and machine quilting.  Very fun but i have never entered a contest before.  I give my work away generally. So if you like this please go to the Buttonwood website and look at all of the entries and vote for your favorite.  BTW mine is number 10.  :-)  I decided to do a wall hanging in the style of Jane Sassaman, I took a class with her at a quilt seminar back in , i think 2004. I made a wall hanging titled "Life on Mars" (see below).


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