Monday, August 10, 2009

San Francisco Street

July was not a great month for art for me. So I decided to start small with the current DSDF challenge of a of San Francisco street scene. I have been working mostly with acrylics lately so I got out an old watercolor set. It was so old that the tubes were harder than hockey pucks, so I squeezed out what I could and mixed what colors I could. I believe a trip to Jerry’s Artarama is in order! I have never been very comfortable with watercolors they are SO unforgiving! But I think I will get a basic set and try my hand at it again. I looked at some of the work by Danny Gregory and got inspired. Hope it rubs off on my Journal. :-)


  1. Thank you Mark and Dominique for your support! I really appreciate it! Happy painting to you both!

  2. Great work! I am looking for more inspiration. Thank you for taking a gander at my blog.