Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Anne's Car Journal

My mom is voluntarily hanging up the car keys at the young age of 86. So I made her a journal so that she can write and sketch about the process of stepping into a car-less life. I found car fabric and used nice watercolor paper, with ribbon place keepers and elastic to keep journal closed and to hold a pen. I learn something new every time a make a journal and I find that very exciting.


  1. That is a nice looking journal. Your mom is sure to love it. That must be tough losing your mobility like that.

  2. We got my mom to sell her car last year when she turned 89. Her driver's license was good until age 92! She only drove 100 miles a year, but she didn't give up without a fight. It's nice that your mom seems to share your artistic interests. More power to her!