Friday, September 4, 2009

Blue Dragonflies

Last Sunday evening, when my kid was off to work and my DH was watching the Little League Championships; I had a few peaceful moments to myself. I went to the porch of the cottage, to be with my garden. The thunder beings started rumbling, lightening flashed, and as I sat watching, a flight of dragonfly swarmed and swooped over my garden. The dragonfly antics always make me smile. Then all of a sudden all the dragonflies flew into the palms. There is a beautiful five-foot ponytail palm just outside of the circle of my medicine garden and near the porch, and the biggest blue dragonflies alit on the lower fronds. I went to the end of the porch closest to the ponytail palm and I could see their beautiful markings. Then it came to me, why were all the flyers finding shelter in the leaves of the garden? Then the lightening flashed and the thunder beings roared, and the rain came down in sheets. The big blue dragonflies were totally out of the rain, sheltered by the palm fronds. How beautiful! The dragonflies are so much more in touch with nature and creation; they knew when to wait out the storm, just Amazing. As quickly as the storm came, after fifteen minutes it was gone, and the dragonflies, took flight!


  1. How neat that you were able to observe something this wonderful that most people would never have tuned in to. I believe God blesses us with these little occurences when we're open to seeing them. I think your watercolor of this would look nice on fabric, or clothing.

  2. Thanks LeAnn, I think you are right. Needle turn applique would be cool for this design!